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Project Experience Summaries: Design / Engineering

DUC's engineering project experience has included fiber routed in all environments (aerial, underground, attached conduit, etc.), and all types of plant including water, power, CATV, and bridge/building attachments. Additionally, engineering and CAD work has provided our government clients with precise designs for the most stringent security standards. DUC is able to engineer projects with the lowest resulting construction costs. As a result of DUC's firsthand experience with the construction and project management phases, DUC is able to engineer projects so that material and labor costs are held to a minimum without sacrificing quality.

DUC provides outside and inside plant design services for twisted pair, coaxial, fiber optic, and copper cable networks. Additionally, DUC has also established a reputation for engineering and construction within the security and surveillance fields and interconnect of CCD cameras, pop-up gates, and other associated ground-based sensors.


Construction, Cable Survey & Mapping

Scope of work:
Down Under Construction (DUC) was contracted to over-set manholes and survey all associated plant for a leading national networking services provider on their existing system throughout the District of Columbia. Work consisted of excavating the existing fiber optic cabling system and over-setting a larger, secured shelter style manhole over the client's facilities. In the second phase of the project, the duct was sliced open and the existing cable was racked to the new manhole wall. All conduits were then surveyed and routes mapped from the new manhole to existing manholes. All ducts were identified, and tagged by carrier within the system for future repair or maintenance. DUC's final phase of the project was to complete restoration for each manhole to the District of Columbia's specifications.


Design/Engineering, Material Management
Permitting, Project Management

Scope of work:
DUC was contracted by a nationwide engineering firm to design, engineer, permit, and construct a communications system for the US Army Corps of Engineers. DUC engineered the project from Maryland to inside the District of Columbia. DUC obtained permits for both the Maryland portion of the work as well as the portion in the District of Columbia. DUC provided project management for the entire build as well as procuring all materials for the project. The turnkey project was delivered on-schedule to the Army.


Design/Engineering, Permitting, Project Management
Splicing, Hourly Labor Placement

Scope of work:
DUC was contracted to excavate and install several large concrete encased power duct banks. The military base environment required strict adherence to security rules and guidelines including a pre-screening of all DUC employees. The installation of multiple ducts in concrete encased duct banks with power manholes specified unusually deep placement in the ground. As a result of this depth, de-watering the excavation sites due to high water table was mandatory. DUC also provides hourly operator services to the client for other projects that necessitate quick responses with either skilled or unskilled labor and equipment.


Construction, Engineering, Permitting

Scope of work:
DUC engineered, permitted, and installed the OSP and ISP for a unspecified government agency. DUC directional drilled the route to tie the secured facility into an existing MFN conduit and then excavated for two building entrances. The location of the building penetrations required a tunneling operation under the building foundation for the core drilling into building. DUC placed all EMT, inner-duct, and pull boxes along route to inside the building to reach the client's secured demarcation. The completion of the project consisted of pulling the cable from the existing MFN hand-hole as well as new hand-hole that was over-set on existing facilities into the customer's equipment room inside of building. Restoration included asphalt, concrete, and landscaping.


Construction, Engineering, Permitting, Project Management

Scope of work:
This high visibility project involved four sub-grade entrances with directional boring, hand trenching, placing hand-holes, and pulling fiber. Both scopes of work required detailed planning and coordination with the client to determine changes in building entrances and running precise multiple routes to ensure secure circuits. Landscape restoration was extensive, and required a full re-planting of mature trees and shrubs.


Construction, Design / Engineering, Project Management

Scope of work:
As the preferred contractor for Washington Metro Area Transit Authority's (WMATA) passenger rail system, DUC was contracted by a world-leading telecommunications provider for the installation of fiber optic cable within WMATA's tunnel system. DUC designed, engineered, and installed fiber optic cable for both the client and WMATA in the tunnels. The work was performed only during a three-hour limited work window from 1:30 AM to 4:30 AM. DUC maintains excellent communication with the Transit Authority's telecommunications personnel, and as a result, was able to utilize this limited daily window of production to coordinate and deliver the project within budget and on-schedule. Cable was installed with clips to the tunnel walls and pulled through an existing manhole system as well as the passenger stations' plenary areas. DUC has the most experience out of any other contractor performing work within the WMATA system with over 70 miles completed for various carriers to date. DUC is also certified with the CSX and Amtrak systems for rail safety and cabling installation specifications and tolerances.

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Design / Engineering Experience at DUC