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Project Experience Summaries:
Warehousing, Logistics & Personnel

DUC provides management, procurement, warehousing, and outsourced labor services to support our clients in any location throughout the United States. As project launch dates begin to advance, and project plans are finalized, DUC can either support these plans from the very beginning, or arrive on the project to provided only the actual field implementation of the client's directives.

DUC provides a variety of professional and construction services and reports status on any time schedule, or on any work progress point. Reports can be custom tailored to the client's needs including Labor costs, material costs, permitting, equipment costs, etc. As the market has dictated lower overhead costs, DUC has responded with scalable project logistics and labor services.


Design/Engineering, Material Management, Permitting, Project Management

Scope of work:
DUC was contracted by a nationwide engineering firm to design, engineer, permit, and construct a communications system for the US Army Corps of Engineers. DUC engineered the project from Maryland to inside the District of Columbia. DUC obtained permits for both the Maryland portion of the work as well as the portion in the District of Columbia. DUC provided project management for the entire build as well as procuring all materials for the project. The turnkey project was delivered on-schedule to the Army.


Design/Engineering, Permitting, Project Management
Splicing, Hourly Labor Placement

Scope of work:
DUC was contracted to excavate and install several large concrete encased power duct banks. The military base environment required strict adherence to security rules and guidelines including a pre-screening of all DUC employees. The installation of multiple ducts in concrete encased duct banks with power manholes specified unusually deep placement in the ground. As a result of this depth, de-watering the excavation sites due to high water table was mandatory. DUC also provides hourly operator services to the client for other projects that necessitate quick responses with either skilled or unskilled labor and equipment.


Construction, Material Management, Warehousing

Scope of work:
In this construction contract, DUC installed both telephone and power duct banks. Several roads joining, and adjacent to the U.S. Courthouse in Alexandria, VA were open cut for placement of concrete capped duct banks. The second phase of the construction project provided the installation of manholes for a new upgraded security system. DUC provided all the specified materials as well as warehousing for the project. This warehousing of materials for Venus allowed for greater efficiency on the job and afforded Venus the ability to review their inventory on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


Construction, Warehousing

Scope of work:
DUC was awarded this high-profile project for their extensive experience working in sensitive and secured environments. The contract was for the construction and installation of a communications duct bank for a world-leading voice, data and wireless provider. The GNW Ring for this provider spans a major segment of the Nation's Capital, from 4th Street and New York Avenue to Union Station and across Washington DC to the White House. The construction route specified varying sized duct banks, the largest being a twelve-way system. DUC also placed all manholes and fiber for the new system. DUC completed the final restoration to the city streets and sidewalks to the District of Columbia's specifications.

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Warehousing, Logistics & Personnel

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