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Down Under Construction LLC (DUC) is able to deliver the construction tolerances specified to meet the requirements of any infrastructure being deployed. Water, sewer, and other forms of drainage systems require exact calculations, and attention to detail. Properly compacting soil, calculating soil mechanics, and modeling the usage of a proposed system provide DUC construction managers confidence that DUC's project will not only meet design specifications today, but for years to come. Perimeter security barricades, monitors, and sensors must be interdependent, and installed for the lowest possible chance of breach. Tolerances of inches over an entire system must be measured and maintained; DUC has the personnel and equipment to ensure that specifications are met on your project.

Furthermore, DUC provides accurate project progress reporting, OSHA compliant personnel and equipment, and the overall results you expect. Each design/build industry segment is a different world of conditions, acceptable tolerances, third party inspections, exceptions, failures, and successes. Directional boring in a rural Department of Transportation Right-of-Way is markedly different from excavation within a National monument in a high pedestrian traffic area.

Having focused on all aspects of underground construction, and in the context of telecommunications, power, water, sewer, gas and security, DUC acknowledges the need for this attention to detail, and nuances between industry segments.

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